Monday, 6 May 2013

Shifting focus

Dear reader

You may or may not have seen this article, published today on Romania-Insider:

The Cliff's Notes version is this: I'm going to be shifting the focus of this blog from Romania towards my journey through life (wherever that happens to take me). If you like my writing, that will continue ... but Romania is (highly regrettably) being put on the back-burner until I either A: Win the lottery or B: Get a solid job-offer from Romania.

If it sounds like I'm selling out, I'm not - please read the full explanation in the link above. I'm just taking the only step possible now. For anybody who arrives here because of the mentions of Romania, the blog archive does contain a lot of info about the country ... hopefully a useful resource to anybody in my shoes with a few more options!

What's your take on this? Here's to the next chapter, whatever that might be.

PS: A change is as good as a holiday, isn't it? New focus, new theme!


  1. Me too I have many dreams but to work for them means to "pay on apples with the money got from selling pears" (a translated expression), that is, if you had to work hardly for something, you won't have much satisfaction.

    Myself, I'm consoling thinking that "if god wants something, is inevitable".

    Romania, like Eastern Europe if not more, is good because is ... Europe, but without the problems of Western Europe: third world immigratnts, lack of nature, excessive urbanization.

    What I think you won't really like, is that is a too small country (for someone living in a country 5-6 times bigger) and too hot in the summer, which this year started in April. Apparently, in Bucharest the temperature is with 6-7 Celsius degrees higher than in Johannesburg.

  2. I am falling in love with Romania. Thinking of retiring there from an over-populated, over-priced, over-bearing UK. The scenery is breathtaking and the women are gorgeous. What more could a man ask? Yes, it was Googling Emigrating to Romania that brought me to your blog. The Yahoo comment was so funny I spluttered coffee all over my keyboard!! lol.

    1. Hi Valdi

      Somewhere else I noted that I can't believe I've managed to lay such a prominent claim to a phrase like 'Emigrating to Romania', purely thanks to a blog! I wish you all the best - on the topic of Romanian women, you may have read here that I'm happily married to one, but I suspect that you'll have to apply all the usual care. Women hardly ever meet the stereotypes, and definitely not on a national level!

      It's interesting that you're looking at reversing the Romanian emigration scare in the UK ... should Romania be concerned about a pending massive influx of retirement age Brits?