Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A little reminder on perseverance

This blog's become something of a scrapbook for me, where I like to store profound discoveries. Here's one I came across tonight:

There's a lot to ponder in that quote: life on the other side of disappointment, and the necessity (to what end?) of darkness.

How is it that humanity is losing touch with these deeper values, and so many people seem so wrapped up in completely trivial discussions that ignore the shared emotional crisis/adventure that life really is? It's become weakness to admit anything other than delirious happiness (or at the very least a muted 'fine' that nobody even really waits for when asking 'How're you doing?').

No wonder that people keep turning to modern medicine to help them deal with their emotions: we're becoming so emotionally-stunted that we've got no way to deal with anything more deeply than a 'thumbs up' on Facebook (such an ideal world that 'thumbs down' doesn't even exist - until you look at the comments).

Sorry/not sorry if that comes across as a downer. It's really not. It's just me reminding myself - and you, if you're reading this - that failure is not just normal, but necessary.

Friday, 21 August 2015

A glimpse into the near, mid and distant future

Wow. My mind's ridiculously blown right now.

You know how I keep sharing tidbits here and raving that you need to watch/read them? This is one of those times, but cranked all the way up to 11 (I know, I'm sorry).

This isn't about should watch, this is about need to.

For the impatient ones, jump straight into the action here when you have four hours to invest (there are five pages, each getting increasingly better):

Whoa, you're saying, you don't have time for that! Then I'm sorry that you're going to miss the most mind-expanding opportunity I've had in years.

This is only about appreciating the fragility of life, the development of spaceflight, the ridiculously awesome things that SpaceX is doing, and what ensuring the survival of the human species as a spacefaring community will entail.

All of this is delivered in exquisite detail, with witty humour and incredibly moving videos (ranging from 30 second clips to entire 25 documentaries). In fact, just when you're already suffering from information over-load, I beg you to click on the little blue footnote icons throughout the text ... some are just short comments, but others are entire sidebar stories crammed into this little box of awesomeness.

Enough, stop wasting your time here ... go read it. Go blow your mind. Get ready for the future. When they announce that SpaceX has successfully managed to land one of its rockets back on that floating platform (which is expected to still happen THIS YEAR), you'll at least know exactly why that's important.

I had no idea. Now at least I have an inkling, and it is... beyond inspirational, it's actually extremely humbling.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Here's to you, Bucharest

Thanks to YouTube, I discovered one of the best 'as it is' documentaries of the nicer parts of street life in Bucharest.

Once you get past the cheesy soundtrack, it's pretty mesmerizing to watch ... heck, I even experienced a few 'Oh hey I've been there' moments, although everything was a lot bleaker in winter.

Direct link: Bucharest City

In all fairness, I watched this just after a fascinating British documentary series on the tragic drug culture in Bucharest's sewers - watch in order: Video 1; Video 2; Video 3 - so let nobody say that I'm only wrapped up in the 'happy-go-lucky' tourist side of Romania.

I can truly, deeply say that I miss Romania.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Game of Thrones: New actor casting

So today one of my colleagues at work produced this and stuck it up on the office wall, based on yours truly:

All I know is I'm now interested in buying a suit of armour, and some designers are going to be speaking in high voices for the rest of their lives.

PS: Don't get it? It originally came from this: Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones. Don't know what 'Game of Thrones' is? You've got a few months to rectify that before Season 6 hits! PPS: 'Game of Trays' references the company I work at.