Saturday, 22 June 2013

Ladder ... Post 49

When you're two posts away from 50 blog posts, two things are true: 1) You've invested a hell of a lot of time into your blog; 2) If you ever want to reach 50 blog posts you need to think up two more posts.

I wouldn't just stop there, so let me give you a preview of the future plans I've been teasing here: my wife and I have changed our minds, and are thinking of relocating to the UK instead! And no, not London ... if any more immigrants arrive at Heathrow, the whole southern part of England will just calmly snap off and sink.

The reasons are pretty self-evident - I speak English, salaries there are better than in Romania, I have family living there, and things in South Africa are still depressing overall. No brainer, then. Sorry Romania: I tried.

Are you, dear reader, living in the UK? How would you recommend life in the country, and what is the general level of anti-foreigner sentiment?

Stay tuned for more updates (and a celebration for my 50th post)!


  1. Hey, man:)
    Wow, what a journay - South Africa, Romania and now UK. I think you come here for a treat. I've just arrived, but I lived here before, all together around 6 years. I also lived in Denmark, Spain, Holland, Ireland, Poland, and I can say with all conviction UK is a winner. The anti-foreigner attitude isn't really a problem (though of course you will find some people who want every non-brit to fuck off:). The job market is user friendly, so is the health service, education. People are relaxed, friendly, happy. I'm glad to be back, and I wish you the best, you will like it. Good luck to and your wife!

    1. Nice one Marc, I could do with some relaxed and happy people in my life. There's too much stress and prejudice in South Africa. I'm not nearly so worried by people who are anti-foreigners as just overcoming the leap of faith to relocate without a job waiting for me, unless I can pull a rabbit out of a hat and come up with a skilled position without attending an interview in person!