Monday, 23 September 2013

I love humanity

Why am I not talking about Romania anymore? The easiest answer is that I have nothing new to say. Romania's just like any other country, in that the people who live within it are humans, the politicians are viewed with mistrust, the economy is shaky and love is fickle.

The 21st Century version of being presented with a blank piece of paper is opening up and wondering what to search for. Isn't that just a sign of the times? We've moved from being content creators to content consumers, but our number one problem is still indecision.

I discovered two fascinating websites I just had to share. The first is, a great collection of random yet interesting facts. The greatest irony is that awash in a flood of content on television, radio and the Internet, you hardly ever LEARN anything even vaguely interesting.

The second site I had to share was the remarkable field of Anime Coffee Art, which was featured on the previous site. The site I found had the artist's story, and linked to her amazing Twitter gallery.

The reason this blows me away is because it's such a beautiful, simple and simultaneously wacky form of art. The bleak circumstances in the world sometimes make one feel that one should dedicate all time to work, investing, and learning a marketable skill (something conventional). I like to think that people like that artist just said 'Stuff that, I'm going to dedicate months to painting pictures in coffee'. That's inspiring and just plain ... great :)

And there you thought that waiter in that restaurant was awesome because he delivered a cup of coffee with a maple leaf pattern, lol. Life lesson 6 948 329 382: because there will always be somebody out there who has invested more time or more skill into something you're interested in, your best bet of making it count is being memorable and unique from the start. Hence, not just coffee art, but anime coffee art.

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