Sunday, 16 November 2014

Hello 21st Century

Typing a tweet on a touchscreen phone is a chore enough, never mind a full blog post.

That said, I just had to try it at least once :) Right this minute I'm lying in bed as the typically cold Cape Town wind howls outside, and somehow I ended up discovering the dedicated Blogger app on the Google Play store.

Verdict? It works. If only I could say the same of my touchscreen. Is this seriously the best solution for communicating? Of course not! It's great for zooming and swiping though, and THAT is why we're nett consumers of information rather than producers.

Which does lead to an interesting question... if we're not producing, who makes everything we're consuming?

As far as I can tell, the answer to that is advertisers, con artists, radicals and cat owners. Not necessarily in that order.

What's more, the smart money is on them not using their phones to push their money-grubbing, religious-political cat-loving agendas on the rest of us connected-yet-disconnected masses.

I blame Steve Jobs. The iPhone and all the iClones brought us closer than ever to each other, and then cruelly installed a touch-sensitive wall of glass between us.

To update that infamous line from Speed: Reach out and touch someone, one typo at a time.

PS: Just to satisfy you 'picture is a thousand words' lot, here's also a random photo I took of Cape Town on a recent hike (Clifton beach to be precise).

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