Thursday, 21 May 2015

Cooking at low peep

Don't you just love that moment when you say 'X' in casual conversation, only to rudely discover amid the other person's laughter that you'd completely misheard X years ago, and subsequently your brain has just dubbed over it with your (incorrect) version?

That happens to me with song lyrics quite a lot. For other people, it's incorrectly using directly-translated words the wrong way in a sentence (often to hilarious effect).

For one very special person, it was confusing "cooking at low heat" with "cooking at low peep". She will never be named.

When she tried googling it to confirm that she was correct after all, even Google didn't turn up a single result for "cooking at low peep". I figured that's a travesty, and there should at least be ONE hit dedicated to this mistake she's repeated countless times to complete (no doubt very confused) strangers.

Here's to our brain's wonderful way of convincing us that it actually knows what's going on in this crazy, noisy, flashy world we live in.

Here's to cooking at low peep.

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