Monday, 10 August 2015

Here's to you, Bucharest

Thanks to YouTube, I discovered one of the best 'as it is' documentaries of the nicer parts of street life in Bucharest.

Once you get past the cheesy soundtrack, it's pretty mesmerizing to watch ... heck, I even experienced a few 'Oh hey I've been there' moments, although everything was a lot bleaker in winter.

Direct link: Bucharest City

In all fairness, I watched this just after a fascinating British documentary series on the tragic drug culture in Bucharest's sewers - watch in order: Video 1; Video 2; Video 3 - so let nobody say that I'm only wrapped up in the 'happy-go-lucky' tourist side of Romania.

I can truly, deeply say that I miss Romania.

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  1. Wow, loved this video. You can really see how much more hustle and bustle there is there (compared to Cluj), but I love the way the video really gives off a bit of a vibe along with the images.