Tuesday, 19 March 2013

It ain't nuffin special

Blogging. Anybody who thinks they're a big deal because they blog needs a rapid readjustment - it ain't nuffin special. After all, Scruffy Bertie the dog has his own blog

Some of Bertie's posts are pure gold ... 'Bracing Morning Walkies', 'Wibbly-wobbly woofter', 'Underarm Tickles' ... how can I compete? Dear readers ... if you too demand dog photos, I will find willing and consenting dogs to photograph! Let nobody say that I don't listen to demands.

How do you measure a blog's success? Is it a blog that teaches people something practical, that changes their opinions on certain issues, or that simply has the highest number of page views? I dunno, but I'm going to have to figure it out: I don't want to add to the digital clutter, and competing with dogs for head-space is not a bracket I necessarily want to plug into.

If you're in Romania now, let me know what you think the country needs more than anything else. Everybody keeps on telling me "Oh, you'll see when you get here, you with all your optimistic mutterings" in various ways. Fine then: I'm not there just yet, but what's waiting for me? I highly suspect it's much like life anywhere else: exactly what you make of it. You ignore the Government, hate your boss, never have enough money, live in fear of the unknown and somehow still manage to keep on waking up in the future ... am I close?

PS: If you're too shy to put your opinion publically out there in the comments section below, you're welcome to mail me on leonschnell@gmail.com. I'm a real person - it'd take a very special criminal to blog continuously for four months - with real questions and maybe a couple of left-field thoughts.


  1. Ive just come across your blog, its really refreshing to read something thats written with honesty and heart. Im a 27yo South African, and im in a relationship with a Romanian girl, im planning on visiting her in Romania in September. I havent read the whole blog yet, i was just wondering if you and your wife had a long distance relationship when you met and if you are together now or still living in different countries and if so why?

    1. Hiya Marc - sounds like we've been in the same boat. I'm happy to say that my wife and I are now living together in Johannesburg (for now). We met online, through a trivia channel on IRC ... a holiday in person in London, and the rest is history. I definitely don't think a long-distance relationship is sustainable in the long run: we had to live apart for about six months and it was six months too long. I highly recommend you try and live together, although the start is always tough financially while one of you doesn't have a job in the other's country. A tough budget is way better than being apart, any day of the week.

  2. Im glad to hear that you guys are together now, hope your dream of moving to Romania works out soon. Thank you for the response and advise i really appreciate it coming from someone who has been in the same situation.