Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sneak Preview: Get Involved!

Ok, I've been talking a big game on this website, but here's a chance for you to get involved in the first phase of real action!

If you've been following this blog you'll know that I'm going to be in Romania this December. However, what you won't know is that I'm also the proud owner of the brand spanking new www.helloromania.net domain!

This is where YOU come in. As you'll see from the homepage - there's a lot of frantic activity going on behind the scenes, trust me - there's something new coming, and if you can speak English and are interested in Romania (and I'm guessing you are if you're following this blog), then there's a chance for you to get involved in this exciting component of the website.

Remember the launch of Facebook, and Gmail? Remember how access wasn't granted right away, and that was all part of the fun? Well, that's the idea here - follow the @HelloRom Twitter account (on the homepage) and I'll grant you preview access to this component months before it goes public.

So what's the website, then? It's actually a distribution channel for one of the reasons I'm going to be in Romania this December: my research project for the Instititutul Cultural Roman. This whole opportunity I'm mentioning above is something I've created as a bolt-on, because, you know, I want more contact with you. Don't worry, the great pay-off for you here isn't just access to some research!

Go on then, click click: www.helloromania.net.

PS: If you REALLY don't have Twitter or some kind of rare social media aversion, a comment below will give you the same invite ;)

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