Friday, 22 November 2013

What is happiness?

After #79 posts you'd figure that I'd have done everything interesting I could, but wait, there's more! In a flash of minor inspiration I wrote a poem tonight, and it was so rare - how often do you find uncommercialised happiness these days? - that I wanted to share it.

Happiness is a country
where we all live forever,
and fear and anger
are intellectual concepts only.
Happiness is a feeling
where you really don't want anything
except another hug
and the endless future.
Happiness is a rainbow
in the sky overhead
and the promise of rain - 
the kind which brings life.
Happy is how I want to feel,
every day and forever...
whichever comes first.
Happiness is like lightning at night.
There, but gone too quickly.
Rare. Amazing. Beautiful.
Happiness is a journey well-lived,
not a destination.
Happiness is blowing out the candles,
and daring to wish, just one more time.
I am happy.
As the world's smallest cog,
I have the Universe at my feet.
All I want is
a moment more to enjoy it.
Happiness is not a TV advert
with smiling people,
'happy' about chicken wings or toothpaste.
Happiness is seeing the difference,
and hoping upon a star,
that against endless negativity,
a flash of shared humanity,
will spark a smile in the most unlikely place,
and absolutely everything,
will be alright.

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