Wednesday, 22 January 2014

I Hate Blogging

Oh please, share a link for me. I mean ... woof?
I realise that writing a blog post about hating blogging is ... deliciously ironic ... mwhahahaha ... but it's true. It's the same reason I hate being a journalist ... and yes, I'm a journalist as well. Guessed it yet?

It's because there's NO FEEDBACK (Caps, Bold, Underline, Italics, Red, Yellow Highlight ... booyah!). In this day and age we've all become media consumers, with very few media producers (one of the reasons I still have a job) - no Jimmy, that photo of your lunch you posted on Facebook is not 'media'.

Thanks to the joys of the modern internuts, Google gives me these little hints about who is reading this blog. No no, don't close your browser and wash your modem, I'm not about to read your e-mails ... it's not like that! Which countries they're from. Which sites they clicked a link on to get here. Even - with some bizarre results - what search term they used on Google that directed them here.

It's that middle option that finally gives me some real (albeit indirect) feedback, especially when it's another blog referencing me. Whether you're in Russia or England doesn't help so much, but if you happened to share a link to this blog for whatever reason from your blog, then at least I get a small glimpse into who YOU are and what made you love or hate the blog post enough to share a link with the rest of the world.

*shrugs* I guess that will have to be enough for now, and (because I'm not Justin Bieber) even that sadly doesn't happen nearly enough times to fully convince me that real living intelligent people are reading this blog and not only people hoping to sell viagra pills or mistakenly directed here because of my 'Houston, We Have Lift Off' blog post title (totally not about astronauts, sorry about that).

I'm looking to change all of that soon. I'm looking to bring Romania something new and different and potentially very very exciting. Or maybe it will just be a toy for me to play with some more, to interact with some of you guys. Who knows? 

Stay tuned to find out... 

... and feel free to comment ...

... or share a link ...

... a puppy somewhere will thank you, I promise.

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  1. I tried to figure out why I have lesser feedback than I expected on some forums and the best answer I could come with, is that people these days (and probably ever) act only in their own interest and their main activity is to please their entourage, to the point that, over time, they lose any analytical distance to things and think and believe through some stereotypes that the "pack" transmitted them. A real form of insanity.

    From my observations, there are few sane people in society and they are those who have the courage to stay against the stream / majority, the courage to act according to principles, not according to the expectations of their peers.

    So there are few really human people, most others will ignore you if you don't have something useful for their purposes.