Sunday, 2 February 2014

In Case You Were Wondering...

I'm in Cape Town! And yes, so far it's everything I'd been vaguely remembering (I can't describe what a difference it makes having Table Mountain always in the background).

The rest is as expected: boxes, orientation (it turns out my apartment is literally around the corner from both a KFC and a McDonalds - healthy diet, what diet?), and ... err ... the agenda for tomorrow is 'have fun'.

I can do that.


  1. How does the KFC and McDonalds compare to that of Romania?

    1. Well, the funny thing is that in South Africa both McDonalds and KFC are cheaper than their Romanian counterparts, and you have a LOT more of them everywhere (whereas in Romania it's still something of a novelty in Bucharest).

      From a food perspective, the interesting thing is that in Romania you have an option (at both McDs and KFC) to go for chunky potato wedges instead of fries, and have a dipping sauce for those as a side-order (e.g. garlic sauce). Oh, and you also get neat little wet-napkins for your fingers, as opposed to just regular paper serviettes in SA. I guess they have to justify that cost somehow, right?