Tuesday, 6 August 2013

And so it begins

With my wife and I watching prices escalating with every passing day, we took the plunge and just bought our plane tickets to Bucharest in December (the image is a screencap of that e-ticket)!

I can't describe what looking at those two plane tickets means to me. They're return tickets, so it's not like it's the start of a new life for us, but I sincerely hope it will result in that ... and re-booking the same flights, only one-way this time, in December 2014.

If you've followed this blog at all, you'll know that I'm tired of writing blog posts, endlessly hunting for Romania next to all the travel books for Rome (never found it yet), and listening to my wife recall fond memories of her childhood in a land I haven't been able to visit until now.

I've won a special grant from Romania, which while not covering all the costs, certainly goes a long way there. It's essentially going to turn my visit in December into a working holiday, where I do what I do best as a journalist, and you can bet I'm going to be sharing all of that on this blog. It feels great, because it's like Romania as a country is inviting me to be there, instead arriving as just another anonymous tourist.

If you see some guy running around Bucharest with the widest grin, snapping a billion photographs and looking slightly awe-struck at the same time, with a Romanian woman in tow ... chances are, that's me and my wife. Man, I cannot wait to post a photograph to this blog of Romania that I've actually taken myself!

Let me end off on that great note, but one other little detail: if you want to follow this story but don't have time to keep checking back, I'd encourage you to subscribe to it by e-mail (the widget is in the sidebar to the right). I have no control over that list, but you'll end up getting every new post a day after it's uploaded here.

Until then, papa (hey, I've gotta start dusting off my Romanian again!)

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