Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Idea Share: Donating Money To Charity

I don't know what life is like where you are, but here in South Africa there is a desperate level of poverty and the consequent number of beggars at street corners (not as many as there actually could be) or the phenomenon of the car guard (people who spend their days in car parking lots and are intended to assist you in reversing out of your parking bay and nominally protect your car from random vandalism in return for small change).

A little while back I came up with an - given my last post, what I think is fairly original - idea to solve the growing problem of never having cash or coins on me, because I pay for everything by card. I dusted the idea off, and posted it here: Making Donations Easier

I'm sure this isn't a thing which is specific to South Africa, so a system like this would be equally applicable pretty much anywhere in the world. If the idea strikes a chord with you and you are technically able to develop it further, or want to invest money into it, you're welcome to use my idea. The only 'payment' I ask is that you let me know how the system goes, and that the idea always remains as a profit-free initiative to benefit the needy.

Good luck!

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