Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Language Woes - Part II

Yes, I know I've already blogged about some Romanians' creative use of English, but I ask you with tears in my eyes, why is Ikea's Romanian website only in Romanian?

I take it all back, Romania. Give me your bravely misspelled words and creative grammar! At least I can figure out what you're saying, whereas on the IKEA page I'm hopelessly lost. My Romanian lessons haven't extended as far as 'bed' yet :/

Why does a South African care whether a multinational furniture chain in Romania has an English-language version of their website? Simply because I'll be visiting Bucharest in December, and I need to buy a bed (not all foreigners stay in hotels *gasp*). IKEA had been recommended to me by an expat for being conveniently close to Otopeni airport, but after this I don't know.

Anybody know 'sleeping bag' in Romanian? LOL


  1. Ikea is a little more expensive than other retailers. You can compare prices here: Sfter filtering your search and finding the product ou like, click on it and you'll be sent to seller's website where you find the address.

    A cheaper seller may be in the same commercial park with Ikea or somewhere close to your location.

  2. Hi Andrei. Thanks for the link, but the site you've shared is also Romanian-only so again not much use to me. The only reason I'm interested in Ikea is because it featured in a book I read, so it's just about the novelty. It's a good thing I'm going to have my Romanian wife with me while I'm in Romania, or else I'll just be a gibbering tourist running around with a handful of RON and pointing at things in shop windows lol. That said, my Romanian lessons are currently on kitchen items and directions, so maybe we can move it into bedroom furniture soon!

  3. Leon, browse any English-language IKEA site, eg UK. They're a huge international company and ship the same stock all over the world. If you can buy X in IKEA UK, you can probably buy X (or something very similar) in IKEA Romania. We bought some mattresses there recently, you are spoiled for choice. Lots of models for every budget. Bit yes, Andrei (above) is right too, IKEA has competitive neighbours in that same retail park. I can guarantee, it's worth stopping off en route from OTP into town, to check them out. By the way, IKEA have good staff, with good English. And a good cafe/restaurant. A lot of people just go there for the nice vibe, even if you only buy a table mat, IKEA is worth a peep. Mike

  4. I'd thought of that Mike, but I wasn't sure how applicable prices would be. Budget is definitely a concern here, so it's not a case of only wanting to buy *that* specific bed with the tassles and vibrating water function. I think I might just stop by IKEA and have a quiet coffee at their good cafe with their English-speaking manager, twisting his ear into providing a translation of their Romanian site.