Sunday, 9 February 2014

Romania's Media Landscape

Read their thoughts at
Something I've been dropping hints about on this blog for the past year is the fact that I'd been a recipient for a Romanian cultural journalism grant, which is the whole reason why I went to Romania in December last year.

Now I'm extremely proud to say the fruits of all that time and effort is finally online and approved, and I'd be greatly interested to hear your thoughts on it:

As promised there is also a link to the Hello Romania forums as a social media component, which should really be a major focus and not just an after-thought to the project. While at University I was a regular participant in a similar platform, racking up thousands (you read that right) of posts and getting into countless stimulating discussions.

Here's to hoping that something similar can happen between Romanians and the rest of the world on that platform, in English. I'm definitely keen on it just for my personal interest, and I can think of a good few readers of this blog who've contacted me who'd definitely benefit from it as well.

Which really brings me to the unashamed down-on-my-knees part of this: please share a link to however you can. The insights into the Romanian media landscape will not only be of interest to Romanians themselves but I feel to the broader world as well, and they won't do anybody any good sitting on a dusty internet shelf. The same goes for the Hello Romania forums.

As there are probably going to be some typos and minor functionality issues (I hope I've worked out most of the major kinks) I'll also appreciate your help as beta-testers - there will be a million chocolate chip cookies waiting for you in your after-life of choice if you identify flaws to be corrected.


  1. I finally managed to read this. As a Romanian citizen myself, I really appreciate your approach towards this topic. I can relate to their definitions of what it means to be Romanian, it's a bit difficult to approach, especially when it's a pretty vague question.

    I've been following this blog for some time - I actually started a little while before you got the opportunity to get here. I was really happy for you, seeing your enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge on the subject. Imagine my surprise when - the day after I arrived back in my home town for the winter holiday - you posted about being on your way to Cluj! (I'm studying at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj...)

    It crossed my mind to comment on some of your posts sometimes, but alas, there are multiple reasons why I didn't until now - some of which are that I talk waaaay too much sometimes and I am still a student with time management problems...I still have no solution for either, but you did mention your frustration for lack of feedback soo...
    Anyway, kudos! Multumesc pentru contributia ta in favoarea Romaniei. These kinds of projects are some of the things which keep me hopeful about the future of my own country. :)

    1. *smiles* Thanks Rux! That's officially the nicest comment I think I've ever gotten. Too bad about just missing you in Cluj ... maybe next time, I know an awesome restaurant there (lol - listen to me, the local). And don't worry about the feedback thing, life gets a bit much sometimes. I'm happy I've got at least one reader who comes back every so often.

  2. Also, speaking of Romania, here's a thing which I think is awesome and uplifting:

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