Monday, 3 February 2014

Things You Will Not See In Johannesburg

As promised yesterday, today was my first 'touristy' day in Cape Town and I tried to make it a special one, just heading right around the beach road (called 'Beach Road') and taking a de-tour up via Signal Hill to the amazing views up there.

First on the list was the Green Point lighthouse, which you can enter (for R16/person) and climb up on a self-guided tour, and is definitely worth the experience as the oldest lighthouse in South Africa (built in 1824).

Green Point Lighthouse
This is the view from the top of the lighthouse:

From there it was a trip up to Signal Hill, and this is the view out to the sea:

If you look closely to the left you'll see an interesting form of recreation you *definitely* don't see in Johannesburg...

But don't you have a close-up of that? Why yes, I do.

That doesn't look safe. Definitely not going to find an extreme selfie of me doing this!

While you're up at Signal Hill you can get a good view of Lion's Head:

Lion's Head ... I think
Oh, but where's Table Mountain, WHERE? I'm saving the best for last, of course (click to view larger):

The Cape Town money shot ... proudly taken by yours truly
And from there you get to see a couple of other interesting scenes, like this:

Skyscrapers: a relatively rare phenomenon n Cape Town 
... and this ...

And that's it. Not too bad for a first day in Cape Town, and none of it with a tour-bus, thank you very much!

Here's to many more days exactly like this.

PS: One thing that both Bucharest AND Johannesburg can take a cue from is the stunning Canal Walk shopping centre (mall map). We also visited there this afternoon ... over 400 shops across two enormous levels! Like that old saying goes: if you can't find it there, you don't need it. Really amazing considering how space-poor the rest of Cape Town is.

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