Thursday, 10 January 2013

Reality check, tears and all

You know the best part of life? Being reminded that you're completely, utterly, inescapably human. I don't know what works for you - the death of a loved one, getting fired, a beautiful sunset - but I hope you've found it.

I'm not saying that we should walk around all day crying and reflecting on how amazing life is. However, it's pretty important to do that from time to time: to refocus, to put things into perspective and to really get in contact with your heart.

If I sound residually soppy, it's because I just watched the most amazing movie: We bought a zoo. I can't guarantee that you'll experience a life-changing moment while watching it, but I know I did. There was just something in that movie which connected deeply with me.

To tie it in with this blog, at its core the movie revolves around giving up your life as you know it in favour of something far simpler. While the challenges remain, you get to see them in a new light and ultimately emerge with both a better bond with your son and a running zoo. Ok ok, I won't share any more spoilers, but it's a truly beautifully composed movie.

I'll go so far as to admit that I shed a couple manly tears. If that's still a no-no for a guy to admit, it shouldn't be: there's nothing like a good cry to cleanse off the rubbish that the world coats us in on a daily basis. Now that I've done my bit for empowering men to connect with their emotional sides - you're welcome, women - back to the point.

The point ... the point ... err ... in case We bought a zoo doesn't work for you, I hope you find something which does and are receptive to it when the moment arrives. I think the worst possible punishment we impose on ourselves is not living our lives.

When I started this blog, I wrote that I wanted to start living life again, and to reassert my control over it. If you've followed the journey to this point, you'll have seen that I have. I'm sharing this with you because it might just inspire you if you need some inspiration, or maybe because it's a slow day with nothing good on television. Either works.

Now, however, it's time for my beauty sleep. Maybe one of these days I'll do it right, because it's not working yet!

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