Saturday, 5 January 2013

The goal

Cool night:
goodbye my friend.
Check our bags;
the new beginning's end.
Take my money,
scan me for metal.
Guide me to the gate;
waiting, my petal.
Now we board,
but first the walk.
Endless corridors,
too excited to talk.
A multitude of worlds
lie beyond each door.
But wait, this is ours:
here no more.
On the plane finally,
strapped in our seats.
Engines roar:
our new heartbeats.
TV, trayfood,
make a bet.
Clouds, are we there?
No, not just yet.
Endure the turbulence,
don't be scared.
It's all over -
here was there!
Another airport:
busy land of men.
The day's warm light,
born again.

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