Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Another Great Reason To Modernise Romania

Is this Romania, or a part of Romania?
Just recently I posted about damaging stereotypes about Romania in the global consciousness, and tonight I happened to stumble across this (well-intentioned but horribly misdirected) gem of a website offering ten reasons for American missionaries moving to Romania.

I don't know where to start without coming across as horribly bitter, but I do find it amazingly convenient that 'God' has stirred these people to conduct their ministry in a country which has beautiful trees and the sea (the writer is open about their 'selfish' motivations).

That anecdotal research has revealed only 2 100 believers in Romania is interesting, but I guess that's the age old battle of the religions: do Christians recognise Catholics as being religious? I'm sure the Vatican would be interested to hear, as well, that the 'church' is weak in Europe these days.

It might interest these missionaries to know that I accompanied my wife to a Saturday service at a nearby church, which she attended purely to light a candle in memory of her deceased mother (and my grandfather), and give poor people who attended the service packs of food and a traditional cake. The fact that the church was packed to the rafters on a Saturday (never mind the Sunday) should allay some fears about Romania's religious well-being, but I guess as long as some young girls in Romania wear miniskirts (although not presently with the -1 degree temperatures) some American missionaries will never be happy.

Ultimately I don't want this post to be a tirade against the very form of Christianity which pushed me comprehensively out of 'organised religion', but rather a further wake-up call to Romanians in Romania.

As long as one missionary is so clearly misinformed about 'life on the ground' in Romania, and shares a photograph of a quaint hamlet in the mountains as a representation of Romania, you can bet that there are millions of other people equally or even further misinformed.

So what is Romania? A dark village in need of saving from evil - but still better for a family missionary trip than Africa and all them starving kids - or a place where real people called Romanians live, dream and strive for a better future?

I think that question needs answering enough times on a global level until people start paying attention. America has Hollywood to do its propaganda for it, and the UK has the royal family ... Dracula was never going to be a great tourism ambassador: dead vampires don't speak.

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  1. The missionaries should go preaching in non-Christian countries. Romania is not one of those.