Monday, 23 December 2013

Romania: Countryside Videos

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so some rough calculation tells me that a minute of a 30 frames-per-second video is then worth 1,8 million words!

If I really had to spend ten hours stuck on a train between Cluj and Bucharest staring at the countryside, it seemed like a good idea to video some of it to share with y'all.

- Sorry about the dirty train window, which tended to confuse my camera's auto-focus at points.
- This winter is apparently one of the 'hottest' in recent Romanian history, so there's actually no snow expected for Christmas day and only a thin dusting of frost in most other places (apart from the mountains).
- New architectural developments in Romania are few and far between (I'd say 3% of total only!), and at least 80% is in dire need of paint and upgrading. In Bucharest you do see a lot of the oldest blocks being repainted, but I'm seriously concerned about what the countryside will look like in another 20 years without massive public investment into all buildings. I'm not going to talk about poverty here, because money is relative ... what concerns me more is a total lack of care on a mass scale. There's a world of difference between 'rural rustic' and 'falling apart', so I sincerely hope that Romania can find some solution for this problem on its own (without just relying on EU funds like most big ticket projects appear to).

With that aside, here are the videos

... the one with the forest:

... the one with the colourful houses:

... the one with the long grass:

... the one with the vistas:

... the one with the quaint buildings:

... and (of course) the one with the snow:

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