Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Romania: Day 7

Ok, I'll be honest, I'm getting lazy with the blog! Here then is just a bunch of photos taken during my recent journeys in Bucharest, which add some valuable aspects to this story.

Have I remarked before that clothing is really well priced in Romania (at least non-brand imported clothing)? I bought a massive winter jacket for only 70 lei, which is something you couldn't dream of doing in South Africa. By contrast, the price for a regular Kentucky Fried Chicken meal is more expensive ... maybe it has something to do with the free choice of sauce (I recommend the garlic) that you can get, which is something we don't get in SA.

With that, the photos...

The Firemen's Tower ... now disused, apparently used to spot fires in Bucharest
I just have to add a note here, pointing out that the state of Bucharest's grafitti vandalism is really deplorable. You're hard-pressed to find a building without the lower level completely taken over by it, or by shreds of old posters. It really ruins the old architecture, but it looks like most people have given up washing it off!

Impressive sculpture outside the National Theatre

Vibrant scenes like this really pop out of Bucharest's bleak colour palette

Bucharest's doves are braver than the stray dogs when it comes to begging for food.

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  1. The Firemen Tower was used hen Bucharest had only houses and from the tower the fireman on duty could see the whole city. This is not possible now so no point in being used anymore.