Saturday, 14 December 2013

Reflections on 365 days

When I started this blog almost exactly a year ago, I wouldn't have thought that a year later I'd be writing a post perched on a bed in Bucharest.

It's been a long journey, filled with hopefully more depth and meaning that I would ever have been able to squeeze into a Facebook wall or Twitter feed. If you've followed even part of this journey with me then you deserve a loyal readership medal!

This blog hasn't really been about me, so I've deliberately left myself out of it. For the most part the central theme has been Romania and how it is viewed by an outsider, and recently it's been able to take the turn of being viewed from the inside.

To celebrate this post and longer jounrey, however, let me share something a little more personal with you.

Here's me, posed in front of my house in Bucharest*

* Ok, I lied, this isn't my house. This is the infamous Palace of the People. My house is a bit bigger.

Here's another view of 'not my house' (have you noticed that I love panoramas?):

If you don't know anything about this place, Wikipedia has the scoop
I can't share anything about myself on this blog without also sharing the ultimate Bucharest 'selfie' with my wife:

Finally, apropos of my recent post commenting on photographing Bucharest's public transport, why not add in the only other photograph I took nearby as well:

Look ma, a Romanian bus (ok, it's actually a Mercedes-Benz)! Nauseating thanks to uber-rolling suspension and harsh acceleration and braking ... i.e. typical Bucharest driving

So there you have it. If you're in Romania in December, now you know who to look out for - come say hi! If you're in Cape Town, I have an exciting announcement to make real soon ... stay tuned.

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