Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Things I Like, Part Who's Counting Anymore?

I swear I'm getting sentimental in my old age - old age being almost 30 - but I'm starting to realise that who WE are is very much a compilation of everything we like. There's a lot of stuff that we like that we can change, or stop liking, or like even more, but sometimes some stuff will just always resonate with us.

That's what I want to share here, to brighten your day a little. Just look past the cheesy music to embrace the awesome humanity expressed in these videos:

1: Matt Harding's 2008 video:

2: Can it get better? Oh yes, it can. The 2012 video:

PS: You're never going to enjoy it unless you watch all the way to the end, and see the little nuances. Like how Matt breaks the rigid dance moves in the first video, or where his wife and his kid join him in the second video.

I like this.

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