Friday, 23 May 2014

#WhyImVotingUKIP, Not!

I'm not going to say that I personally brought down the UKIP - it appeared from what I've seen that they are more than capable of that themselves - but I will say that it's hugely gratifying to see this awesome story with some hilarious Twitter users lampooning UKIP with the #WhyImVotingUKIP hashtag.

Two awesome examples:

This is particularly awesome because back in August last year I'd written this open letter to Nigel Farage, giving him a piece of my mind, and as far back as January last year I'd already written this piece on the UKIP's scary 'Romgarians'. I'm not saying I personally made the Internet do something awesome now, but I'm definitely a long-standing part of it!

So then, why are you #NotVotingUKIPuntilTheyStartServingFrostedMilkshakesInHell?

PS: In other news, this is what my blog's web-counter was just sitting on. What were the odds I'd be online to see it happen?

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